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Rust is a game full of thrill and adventure. Your only goal is to survive. Wake up on an island naked with numerous enemies waiting to attack you. Since it’s a multiplayer game, be ready to kill and be killed. Not only the other survivors but even the environment is your foe. Wild animals, other inhabitants and the environment are seeking a chance to finish you. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? play this mind-boggling game, Buy Rust Accounts for a discounted price on CSGOSsmurfnation.

The game is identical to Minecraft in terms of survival, but the graphics and designs are much different and unique. For starters, you will be put on an island naked with around 400 other players trying to fend for themselves and ready to kill you at any instant.

Tips to keep in mind while playing the game

A good strategy. Simply taking each day as it comes will not work. If you don’t know where you are heading, you might die sooner than expected. You need an exceptional plan of action and superb skills to make it to the end.

Use whatever you find. Look around and work with whatever you get instead of searching for the right equipment. After all, it’s a forest thing that is supposed to be tricky. Remember, everyone around you is an enemy, and looking for the ideal materials might not be the brainy decision.

Craft a wooden spear as soon as you enter the game since you are bound to find yourself in combat within a short span of time. You can upgrade to other tools once you get comfortable and have more capital.

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Use a decoy to distract your enemies or to safeguard the important stuff

Utilize animals as a source of food, travel or craft weapons. Usually, in rust, animals migrate to the east. So, whenever you need your daily protein, you know where to find them. But be careful to not put yourself in danger while doing so.

Some other tips are to find a safe site for your camp, protect your valuables and base, gather wood as quickly as possible, avoid illuminating yourself at night and make a sleeping bag as soon as possible where you can respawn if killed.

These were some basic level survival tips. The rest you need to explore for yourself. Survival is the motto of the game and if we disclose everything, the game won’t be much fun.

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