Programmable robots and their usage for all age groups

There are many robots on the market, there is something for all tastes.

There are programmable robots to build designed to learn coding, experience the thrill of design and venture into the world of computer language. You will also find transformable remote-controlled robots – intended for simple fun – or intelligent and interactive robots, designed to collaborate with children and adults in everyday life programmable robot kits for beginners.

Many fans of the genre love robots enough to collect them! Robots can be collected for many reasons: the iconic image, an important past, the story they tell, the good memories they evoke. The robots to collect have been divided into tin robots (sold between the 40s and the 60s) and robots from the 70s, 80s and 90s .

Another interesting category full of surprises is that of animal robots : essential for strengthening interpersonal skills, empowering children and fighting loneliness. Now let’s see specifically the robots recommended by type.

Programmable Robot Kits For Beginners

Toy robots recommended for all ages

Each age has its own robot. To choose the one that best suits each stage of life, you need to consider its complexity, design and purpose.

different entertainment opportunities: the first is an interactive toy, able to relate to the little ones by guiding them in recreational and educational activities; the second consists of an “old-fashioned” remote-controlled transformable robot, designed to tickle the curiosity and enthusiasm of your children.

The social skills are refined, as well as logical skills. Consequently, a first approach with “real” robotics begins to be practicable, involving both the construction phase and the programming phase, obviously very elementary.

With the entrance to primary school we are witnessing a first turning point. Children begin to familiarize themselves with mathematics, writing, reading, geography. Their skills grow at great speed, their curiosity becomes more demanding. A parent who wishes to strengthen these processes without running the terrible risk of boredom, can turn to robot making.

In truth, there is no limit to an adult’s interests. Any robot can represent an object of desire! Many collect robot games for children or have fun with kits for boys; others have a craze for iconic movie cars or tin robots. However, the new frontier of adult robots is represented by assistant robots.  With the entry of voice control and virtual helpers such as Alexa or Google Assistant, many things have changed. The latest generation robots aspire to integrate the skills of virtual helpers, possibly improving them. One of the first assistant robots on the market. It supports people in their daily lives, providing small (but useful) services.