Softs check For Supreme Cyber Security Protection Solutions


Data and information theft have become a common crime. Technology is trusted to store and secure data, but malicious users hack into systems and steal the info, thus causing substantial damage to the party concerned with the data stolen. Technically strengthening the web portals or managing the access and authorities, the owners must have a guided plan to opt for the correct solution. Cyber security consulting is therefore becoming an ultimate need for every business and web developer to protect the information. Eventually, the owner should seek versatile and reliable sources for complete support.

SoftS check is a renowned Singaporean consulting company well praised for its services and premium protection. They are notable for security testing and analytical troubleshooting. Safeguarding the client’s information through the best and least erroneous methods is their aim for which they offer a range of suitable services like-

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Network penetration testing
  • Web application penetration testing
  • Mobile penetration testing
  • Wireless penetration testing
  • Thick client application penetration testing

Besides this, they provide advisory services where their expert and technical team carefully analyze information risk assessment. Their website is flexible to many clients and serves their premium protection services to industries such as:

  • Healthcare- Handling the database for the patients in the hospitals or subscribed for the health schemes.
  • Banking and finance- It includes secured ATM pins, account details, encrypted net banking services with privacy. Hackers target finance firms the most for duping the cash; thus, the transactions should be well protected with hash scripts and keys.
  • The government- These are important and highly classified files and data. Therefore, there can be no scope of error or data leak. Their site is extremely strict at providing protection. They are consistent and dedicated.
  • Aviation, maritime, and land transport records and vehicular data are handled. The freight services also seek their help to maintain proper communication channels among the different vendors and transports.
  • Info COMM and media channels to avoid manipulation of the data intentional for broadcasting.

The company is reputable and trusted globally. Their services are recognized by the expert efforts of technical experts and project managers, providing the results at par. They realize and value the security of their clients. Their cybersecurity consulting prides itself in the supreme and fine assessing security software it offers. Their methods have been designed and engineered with utmost dedication and practical strategies. Their hard work earns the trust of their clientele, and they constantly strive to keep it up.