What to Do if your iPhone gets Water Damaged?

What to Do if your iPhone gets Water Damaged?

iPhones are not considered any ordinary smartphone brand; they are Veblen goods and status symbols. Owning an iPhone is more of a status symbol and less about need. The brand has created this notion as its marketing strategy to justify its high costs. If you find this a wrong way to start this article, then sorry couldn’t help it, as even after paying so much for the mobile, it could still get damaged, and you have to find certified technicians for iphone water damage repair.

Most iPhones boast water resistance and claim to stay dry in 1 to 4 meters of depth. But the truth is that its ware resistance reduces over time, and it works only in controlled and ideal conditions. There are high chances of water damage to my iPhone like any other phone. However, one good feature of the iPhone is that it has an indicator to mention whether there is water damage or not. The indicator is present on one side of the iPhone. It turns red in case of water or liquid damage.

What to Do in case of Water Damage?

iphone water damage repair

Suppose, by any chance; your iPhone has come in contact with any liquid; it is advised to get it repaired by an expert. But before going there, doing some small hacks at home could easily ensure that the damages are reversed. These measures are like first aid to save your iPhone before you take it to a repair center.

Hacks to Save your iPhone from Water Damage

  • When your phone has got wet, switch it off immediately. This lessens the possibility of short-circuiting.
  • Use a soft cloth and remove the water from the surface, and once dry, pull out the sim tray.
  • Another necessary instruction is not to put it on charge and let it dry for 5-6 hours without any disturbance.
  • Initially, a rice or silica gel Ziplock pack might be able to help you remove moisture as much as possible. Let it be in the bag for 7-8 hours or overnight.
  • Then find the nearest store, get it checked for water damage and repair.


Most iPhone water damages are reversible. After the initial drying process at home, please take it to the service center to get it checked and repaired. My phone is quite costly, and losing them to water damage might be heartbreaking. Be careful as much as possible, and if an accident occurs, do not hesitate to get it repaired by a professional.