Ultimate Employee Hours Tracker App In Excellent Features

employee monitoring software

With many time tracking tools designed today, many companies are confused about which one is the best. There could be one of them that doesn’t have the same features as the others. Each of them has the same features but with uniqueness. Time Tracking Software is a tool with smarter tool benefits, such as:

  • Track employee hours
  • Automate tracking (for accurate employee timesheets)
  • Give employees an instinctive web, desktop, and mobile time tracking app

How to use an automated time tracking app?

There are three steps and ways to use the automated time tracking app:

  1. Download the app. Employees must download the app on their devices to track work hours. The web-based time tracking software is very convenient and easy to navigate.
  2. Track time to tasks and projects. The time tracking app allows employees to track and monitor time with one button. Choose specific projects, tasks, clients, locations, or Work orders.
  3. Generate time reports. Managers create time reports that allow them to learn more about how employees spend working time. The information gathered will be used to generate better estimates, streamline the workflow, and complete projects on time.

Features of the time tracking app

The time tracking app is perfectly considered an employee monitoring software that offers various features, such as:

  • Employee hours trackers. You can track every minute spent on the work to determine how long it takes to finish a particular project. You may track time with just one click of the stopwatch built on the time tracker tool.
  • Manual time entries. There is no need to worry if someone forgets to track the time. The time tracking app allows the user to add time entries manually to assure all-time work is monitored and tracked.
  • Automated timesheets. Generate timesheets automatically according to the time entries. You may see a detailed breakdown of the employees’ hours by client, project, and date. You can also review, approve, or delete timesheets from a single location.
  • Clock in and out easily. The time tracking tool doesn’t require special training. You can just click start and stop for the timer to work.
  • Time tracking tool. Open the web-based time tracking app for any operating system. Track the time from anywhere regardless of the used device.
  • Employee time and attendance. Create and manage the employees’ shift schedules. You can get alerts when employees arrive on time, late, leave early, or miss their shift with automated attendance tracking.

There is no need to complicate things like using a logbook, which can possibly get lost or can be sabotaged like someone changing the record listed on it. Why not make time tracking for employees easy and automated? By using this latest time tracking app, it tracks and monitors employees without manual jotting down.